Dazzle with Uniquely-Shaped Windows

Our featured article on Tricky Windows offered great insight on covering uniquely-shaped windows. Today, we come to you with more inspiration and new ideas that will keep the character and charm of your “not-so-standard” windows while providing benefits. Discover how covering arches and angles with the proper treatments can add to the look of your home and not take away from it. 

Unique Variables to Consider

When you’re faced with covering uniquely-shaped windows, here are a few things to ponder. 

  • Window direction
  • Partial or full coverage
  • Adjustable or stay in place 
  • Style of your home
  • Solutions needed
Playroom with uniquely shaped windows in Milwaukee wi
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters

Unique Home Front

Oftentimes, uniquely-shaped windows are featured in the front of the home, they add a beautiful designer look to the exterior and offer extraordinary curb appeal. But, if your home faces in the wrong direction, too much natural light through these windows may cause issues indoors. Avoid harmful UV rays and extreme temperatures by covering windows with treatments designed with protection in mind. Along with highlighting the style of your home, the right window coverings add privacy and a sense of security for your family. 

Open floor plan around front door
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

The “Unique” Look

With no shortage in choices, window shades, shutters, blinds & draperies will offer the solutions you need to cover uniquely-shaped windows. Once you’ve decided where coverage is required, “coordinating” window treatments in the shared space is best to get “the look”. Try to avoid “matching” window treatments and cover your windows in complementary styles for an overall cohesive appearance. 

large uniquely shaped window in milwaukee wi living room
Design Studio® Draperies & Roller Shades

Uniquely Shaped Windows-Coverage Needed

All in all, the choice to cover your uniquely-shaped windows is a personal one and room specific too-bedroom windows may need full-coverage whereas great room windows can be left exposed at the top and partially covered. What issues need solving? Whether it’s privacy, lighting, UV protection or ambiance, we have a window solution fit for your home.

uniquely shaped Arched window in milwaukee living room
Design Studio® Roman Shades

A Unique Time to Adjust 

When it comes time to adjust your shades, the style of window treatments you choose will determine the movement. One thing to be certain of, uniquely-shaped windows can be difficult to adjust. Make it easy on yourself and opt for smart shades with installation. Because specialty windows like angles and arches are found up high and in hard to reach places, adjusting is never easy. By adding motorization to your shades, you can simply adjust your treatments and transform the space instantly-with voice command, remote or iPhone!

traditional living room with white tufted chair next to large windows with specialty shapes in Milwaukee 53217
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Love Your Uniquely-Shaped Windows

Specialty windows can be intimidating to cover without the help from an industry expert. How can you cover your uniquely-shaped windows without losing their character? How can you make them easy to adjust? We have answers to all your questions and would love to help you work toward your goals. If you have arches, angles, bows or bay windows we’d love the challenge of making these windows functional as well as beautiful! In Milwaukee? Get in touch with us today at Bazaar Home Decorating for your FREE consultation.