Skyline Gliding Panels

  • panel track blinds cover french doors in traditional Brookfield WI home

Skyline Gliding Panel Track Blinds

For a modern look in vertical blinds, the Skyline Gliding Panel Track Blinds collection is here to update the style of your sliding doors and large windows.

  • Wide panels modernize the design
  • Panel track glides smoothly
  • Popular colors coordinate
  • Low profile stacking

Contemporary colors and textures offer a stunning design backdrop. The wide panels modernize the look while offering sleek coverage for light control and privacy. Stacking effortlessly, one on top of the other, the profile remains the same, taking up no additional space–perfect for planning how they will effect the movement within your home. These contemporary shades offer coverage at the window, but can be used as a room separator for interior needs. Complement the decor of your home by selecting roller shades in coordinating fabrics.

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