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 Energy Efficient Solutions

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    Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Need Insulated Shades?

Warm in the winter. Cool in the summer. Energy efficient window treatments keep your home comfortable year-round. What do we have to offer?

  • Cellular shades, Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb shades, offer the highest protection in the industry.
  • Insulated roller shades offer an exclusive design for energy efficiency.
  • The newest innovation brings a cellular shade to the woven woods collection.
  • Top down shades bring in natural light while maintaining comfort.
  • Motorized shades let you customize adjustments to take advantage of the light but protect the interiors.

Available product solutions

  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades
  • Applause® Honeycomb Shades
  • Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades
  • Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
  • Duette® with Vertiglide™
  • Provenance® Woven Wood Shades with Duolite®
  • Draperies
  • Custom Roman Shades
  • Heritance® Hardwood Shutters
  • NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters
  • Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters

The Top Questions about Energy Efficiency

How would you rate the performance of your energy efficient window coverings?At the top, we have our Duette Honeycomb shades…the premier collection of insulating shades, with the qualities identified by the US Government Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. In the same category, we have our Applause honeycomb shades collection–quite similar to the Duette lineup, just streamlined in style selections to offer the consumer a more affordable option. Our third option is the exclusive shade system of cellular roller shades, a new innovation that delivers two favorites…cellular structure for energy savings and comfort, combined with the popular operation of roller shades. From there, it’s really the fabric shades that can help protect the interior temperatures of your home. Custom drapery and roman shades both provide a layer of insulation. Roller shades can block even the most intense light from entering your home.

Does the whole window need to stay covered?

For the highest amount of energy savings, yes, covering the windows will give you the biggest benefit. However, there’s a bit of a trade-off when it comes to window coverage. You can cover the entire window, but you don’t want to feel like you’re living in a cave. So, that means choosing additional features to improve the atmosphere. By adding top down bottom up, you can keep the majority of the window covered, with just the top portion lowered. Natural light enters, lighting up your room and enhancing the overall feel of the space. Another feature brings two shades to the window–one for filtered light and one for added control.

What does energy efficiency look like in dual shades?

There are a few different versions to consider if you’d like to have light filtering + insulating shades. The first system comes from the Duette Honeycomb collection. The two shades are connected in the middle, adjusting up or down to give you the control of more or less light–always providing complete window coverage. Another option provides control with two shades on the same headrail–a light-filtering shade plus a secondary blackout roller shade. This blackout roller shade can keep intense sunshine from heating up your space. The third type of control is similar to the previous–two shades on one headrail, but the light filtering shade is a woven wood shade, with the secondary shade being a cellular shade.

One consideration to keep in mind…

One thing to keep in mind about window coverage is that it’s not an all-day-every-day situation. You know your home best. Are there times of day that you’d like to have the coverings open, but other times closed? This is where smart shades come in handy. Set a schedule to have the shades open to capture the morning sunshine, and watch as they adjust closed in time to block the afternoon sun.

The sky’s the limit when you need energy efficiency for your Milwaukee area home. Stop into our Waukesha showroom to see everything up close. Or, schedule an appointment. We’ll visit your home for a free consultation, and we can help you decide which insulated shades, blinds, shutters or drapery will work best!

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