Today’s Best Energy Efficient Window Coverings

And just like that-another summer is upon us! In Wisconsin, we look forward to enjoying our lakes, trails & especially live music. But, there are times when the intense heat of a midwest summer can affect our good time and leave us tired and uncomfortable. This year, keep your home cool with the best energy efficient window coverings available in the industry. Let’s learn more… 

Benefits: Adding Window Shades, Blinds, Draperies & Shutters

Clients are always pleased to learn that installing new windows is not their only option in achieving the best energy efficient solutions for their home. A more economical choice lies in window treatments. By adding shades, blinds, draperies and shutters to your space you can avoid replacement. Unlike new windows, window treatments will prevent sunshine from entering, causing uncomfortable glare and warm interior temperatures. Here’s a list of other benefits to consider.

  • Coordinated style with the design of your home
  • Compatible with smart home technology
  • Invite natural light without heat
  • Better sleep with room darkening
  • Adjustable privacy
  • Reduced glare 
roman shades that lower from the top on floor to ceiling windows in Milwaukee WI
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades with Top Down

Features: Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Today’s options in window coverings offer the most amazing features! Homeowners can increase the comfort, safety, convenience and efficiency of their home with new technology and innovations available throughout the window covering industry. Discover these options for your home.

  • Dual Shades: Two shades on the same window for soft lighting & light blocking options.
  • Tricky Windows: Tilt & Turn windows, specialty shaped windows or glass doors can feature custom coverings to insulate your home
  • Automation: Smart shades integrate with your smart home technology, for scheduled adjustments or voice command movement in an instant.
  • Top Down: The top of the shade lowers enough to let in light, while the majority of the window is blocked.

Function: How do they work?

Generally speaking, there are a few factors that go into ensuring the best energy efficient window coverings function as they need to. 

Insulating Design

First, the insulating design of shades was developed to stop air flow from allowing energy loss at the window. Cellular shades have been the go-to window covering solution to stop the heat from coming in and leaving. 

Innovative Techniques

Another way to insulate is with interior window channels-these channels function by guiding shades along a track reducing light gaps and air flow.

kids playroom with blackout shades trackglide window shades
Duette® LightLock™ Honeycomb Shades

Superior Craftsmanship 

The innovations in window treatment products has made it easy to attain the best energy efficient solutions for your home.The materials used are made with UV protection in mind-even shades you can see through provide protection from damaging rays. The opacity of the fabrics you choose can have a great effect on energy efficiency, especially on the windows that directly face the sun. It’s important to mention that the quality of materials and finishes has also improved, preventing the breakdown of your window covering investment.

Smart Home Technology

It’s true, homeowners rarely take the time to adjust their shades throughout the day. But when you do, amazing things can happen! Think about the landscape view you are hiding. Smart home automation enhances the energy efficiency of your home by adjusting automatically. Not only will you appreciate a clearview to the outdoors, smart shades can automatically adjust to block the heat from the sun when it starts to warm up! Take control of your home and create the perfect atmosphere by scheduling your window treatments to work for you.

smart home tech resulting in best energy efficiency
PowerView® Automation

The Best: Energy Efficient Window Coverings?

Just for you, we have compiled a list of window treatments that block the sun and prevent energy loss–just visit our energy efficient solutions page.

  • Roman Shades

For centuries, the design of roman shades has naturally prevented the movement of air, with layers of fabric at the window. By choosing certain fabrics and their opacities, you can experience incredible control at the window and add a custom look to your home.

  • Roller Shades

Roller shades are capable of blocking heat that enters the home to damage your furnishings and raise the temperature. Innovative design has led to light-blocking technology. With the latest offering, Hunter Douglas has combined the sought-after efficiency of cellular shades with the simple operation of roller shades in the Sonnette™ collection.

  • Honeycomb Shades

Based on your home’s specific climate and the placement of the window in relation to the sun, Hunter Douglas offers a range of cellular options to protect your home. The cell-within-a-cell technology of our honeycomb shades will trap air, preventing energy loss. 

  • Draperies

Today’s high quality fabrics insulate the windows of your home with light-blocking capabilities. Draperies can frame the window for beautiful design, conveniently closing when necessary. Modern day draperies can be motorized to harness incredible control over your home’s interiors.

  • Plantation Shutters

From solid wood, to advanced materials, interior shutters have long been known as a dependable way to stop air from moving. Sealing the window frame, light and heat are prevented from entering-preventing energy loss. By adjusting the louvers in an upward position, light is directed at the ceiling to illuminate the space without harsh sunshine and heat entering.


We would love to help you take control of the intense summer heat this year! Our team at Bazaar Home Decorating Center has years of industry experience finding the best energy efficient solutions for the windows in your home. If you struggle each summer staying cool in your home and battling harsh UV rays—now’s the time to make a change. Get a beautiful functioning product that allows you to enjoy your home to its fullest potential. Contact us today for a FREE consultation or visit our Waukesha showroom this summer!