Window Treatments for Every Room in the Home

Have you decided to tackle window treatments on your own? It may sound simple enough: Browse a catalog, grab a tape measure, add to cart…but you may find that there is a lot more to covering windows than simply covering windows. We believe it’s best to call in the experts. We can discover the right window treatments for every room in the home with important considerations like window direction, layout, room location and style preference. Details matter when making such an investment in your home. Let’s take a look at options.

Entryways in the Home

Take a minute to visualize your entryway. Is it all that you want it to be? Would upgrading window treatments benefit this specialized area and improve the look of your home’s entrance? Could it use privacy? Light control? Simpler adjustments? 

Open floor plan around front door
Duette® Honeycomb Shades

The possibilities are endless when you can choose from a vast selection of window treatments with the most innovative function and design features. We can demonstrate how to improve this space with window coverings.

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential part of your home life, and it’s where you spend much of your time with family celebrating meals together. But have you ever realized the way light changes as the day passes by? Maybe in the morning the natural light warms the kitchen, but by afternoon, the harsh glare is uncomfortable. With our family kitchen on double duty these days–from meal prep to homework–it’s important to make this room as accommodating as possible.

woven wood shades in contemporary kitchen three windows Milwaukee WI
Provenance® Woven Woods


Dining Room Decision 

Before choosing window treatments for every room in the house take a moment to consider your family habits. For example, your dining room space. Some of our clients prefer a distinguished look–furnished with a formal dining table and finished with sophisticated draperies at the windows. Others prefer more of an everyday space that flows with the vibe of their open floor plan. Each scenario requires window coverings that provide a range of lighting levels that are customizable and can maintain the perfect atmosphere. We can help make this happen. 

dining room pirouette shades floor to ceiling blinds
Luminette® Privacy Sheers; Pirouette® Window Shades

Great? Living? Family? Bonus Room?

The large space your family occupies throughout the day–what do you call it? Maybe you have more than one. No matter how they are named, when deciding on window treatments for every room in your home, these spaces are a top priority for control. Each family has varying needs, and over time, these needs can change. At Bazaar Home Decorating, we help make sense of it all and anticipate future obstacles. Think room darkening shades for afternoon naps now, and converting to a media room later. 

modern roman shades Hunter Douglas dual shades Waukesha 53188
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Your lifestyle will be the driving force when making important home decor decisions including window coverage. Keep in mind times of day and lifestyle when working toward your design goal. One favored type of shades for these gathering areas is sheers. They keep out the glare, but let you enjoy the view. They soften the light for the right ambience, and they look amazing in open floor plans. 

sheer shades as window treatments for every room in Brookfield WI
Silhouette® Window Shades


In the Bedroom…

Privacy and room darkening are everyone’s top priorities when choosing window treatments for the bedrooms in their homes. But that doesn’t mean lack of style or constant cave-like vibes. With so many style options available, each bedroom in your home will look completely unique. And, there are some great features that can be added to your bedroom window treatments to ensure privacy and room darkening, but also the ideal lighting during the day. 

layering drapes and shades in living room modern
Design Studio® Roman Shades

Bathroom Needs

It can be a balancing act between privacy and light in the bathroom, but we have solutions. A window treatment that can easily adjust is your best choice. Your main bathroom will maintain a perfect atmosphere as you adjust the privacy and light with just a tap. But if you want to go one step further to create a more user-friendly bath for kids or guests, then adding a simple operating system is key. They will have no problem getting the privacy they need.

cordless custom roman shades

The LiteRise® Cordless Operating System

Ready to Tackle Window Treatments for Every Room?

Don’t get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing window treatments for every room in the home–we can help! Let’s take it slow and create a plan. Before you know it, your home will be filled with beautiful, functional, energy saving treatments in each room. Let’s design a space together. Get in touch for your FREE consultation.