• fabric window blinds in large open concept dining and bar space

Silhouette® Window Shadings

Enhance the beauty of your landscape views with Silhouette Shades. The fabric vanes adjust open, revealing a stunning view. These sheer shades are a favorite way to style any size windows…

  • Incredible Landscape Views
  • Entering Light Is Diffused
  • NEW Halo Feature Increases Directional Lighting

Silhouette shades invite glowing light in, reducing harsh glare while filling the space with warm light. The adjustable vanes offer a wide range of versatile light control, even more now with the Halo Feature. Increase the light control with dual shades, as a secondary blackout roller shade drops in place when you need it most.


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Dual Shades

Two shades in one? Yes! The dual shades feature is now available for Silhouette shades. Enjoy the sheer fabrics in the lowered position, as they invite soft, diffused light and stunning views. Then, when it’s time to black the sun, add room darkening, or just close everything off for complete privacy, you can lower the blackout roller shade into position. Incredible light control in one headrail!

Halo Feature

It’s an innovation that has created even more of a lighting range for Silhouette Shades. Traditional vanes tilt to offer a wide open view, or adjust along a downward tilt to guide the entering light, eventually closing it off. The Halo feature offers vanes that also tilt up. You can invite natural light in, with directional adjustment, illuminating your space.

Dynamic View

Known for the glowing atmosphere they provide, Hunter Douglas Silhouettes bring in softened light and beautiful views. It’s all due to the sheer fabrics. The original sheers are known for a soft, hazy view. The newest upgrade to the sheer fabrics is a black sheer offering. The ClearView feature enhances the view with sharpened details and crisp colors. How do you choose? It’s a personal choice. When it comes to your view, do you want a soft backdrop, or picturesque detailing?