• dark blue fabric drapery panels on black trim windows

Custom Window Treatments

The beauty of Custom Window Treatments will set your home apart. Framing your windows for a designer look, these customized coverings coordinate beautifully with the decor in your home.

  • Full draperies
  • Side draperies
  • Top treatments, such as cornice boards & valances
  • Fabric roman & roller shades
  • Custom pillow covers

Drapes add levels of light control and privacy. Find inspiration with the prints, textures and patterns of our extensive collection of fabrics, from traditional to contemporary–and everywhere in between. Coordinate the fabrics, and enhance the look of your home as you Layer Window Treatments for incredible style & function.

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Design Elements: Hardware & Pleats

The details are in the design! When putting together the entire look for custom window draperies, you have to choose your top favorites–for the top of the window. Drapery hardware coordinates with the decor of your home, while the header style completes the look of your drapes.

The Header: Drapery Pleat Styles

The way that drapes and curtains are finished at the top is known as the header style–often referred to as the pleat. In addition to the overall look, it’s where the draperies connect to the hardware. Industry favorites are pinch pleat, grommet and ripplefold. With pinch pleat, the fabric gathers in folds, sewn together and attached with curtain rings or hooks. Grommets use circular hardware sewn onto the fabric, creating a channel to guide the hardware through, allowing the drapes to glide easily for adjustments. Ripplefold consistently provides soft folds of fabric from top to bottom.

Drapery Hardware

Consisting of the rod or track from which the drapery hangs, drapery hardware can bring together other design elements in your home. The ends of the rods feature finials, which can add unique design. Depending upon the pleat style you’ve chosen, additional hardware might be required to attach the draperies, such as curtain rings or hooks. Finishes are available in a range of materials and color-ways, such as matte black, gold, wood, brass, oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

Layering at the Window

One of the hottest trends in window coverings, layering draperies with shades or blinds creates visual interest and lifestyle function. Roman shades and roller shades are two favorites that are commonly used to layer, often providing the light control and privacy needed, while the side drapes frame the window beautifully.

Drapery: Solving Window Challenges

While window draperies look beautiful in your home, they can provide incredible solutions and benefits for your lifestyle. As Wisconsin homeowners, finding ways to control the light and increase privacy can be top priorities.  With that, you can upgrade the atmosphere of your home with specific fabrics and operating systems.

Blackout curtains are a highly sought-after option for bedrooms. Keeping the sunshine completely out of the space is important for sleep. Ensure you get the right fabrics that not only block the light, but also look beautiful at the window. Liners can be added to enhance the function.

Motorized drapes allow you to open, close and adjust your window draperies with a remote or an app on your phone. Integrate your automatic curtains with your smart home system for adjustments on a schedule.

Thermal window treatments describe the function of keeping the interior of your home comfortable, even when the outdoor weather is too hot or too cold. Drapes are an incredible way to block the sun from shining into your home and heating it up. They can also insulate against temperature changes.

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