Layer Window Treatments in Your Home this Spring

Are you feeling like you want to try to layer window treatments this spring? If you’ve always been drawn to this look, there’s no better time than now! It’s an incredibly popular style, and the range of control it offers is amazing! We have some tips to help you through the process, from start to finish.


Tip One: Functionality is Key

Each room in your home serves a different purpose, wouldn’t you agree? You certainly need something different from each specific space. When you find yourself wanting a range of control, it’s time to layer window treatments! This begins by choosing a “base window covering.” This first layer will bring light control, privacy, glare reduction and more!

Base shade is key to layer window treatments.
For your bedroom you may be hoping for a blackout option, while in your living room energy efficiency may be the most important feature.

Layer window treatments look in living room.

Next, you’ll want to think about the second layer–the drapery panels. While many consider these for style, they also can play a role in function. Side panels do frame the window, but they can also cover any small light gaps, just remaining in place. Full draperies are those that close, meeting in the middle for an additional layer of coverage.

Tip Two: Choosing The Perfect Fabric

After functionality, the fabrics you select bring your personality and sense of style to the space. Our fabrics come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and textures. Whichever one you choose will leave your room with the perfect atmosphere.

Countless fabric options for draperies in your Milwaukee home.
This can be a tricky step for some. It’s important to keep these questions in mind to lead you to the best choice of fabric:

  • What is the vibe you’re hoping for, from this room?
  • Do you prefer solid colors or patterns more?
  • What is your preferred color palette?
  • Style is key with the fabrics, but do they also need to be functional?


Tip Three: Hardware is Crucial

The next design element is the hardware! You have two main options here. You can lean toward matching your hardware to the existing accents, or go bold with a statement finish, like gold or matte black.

Update your Milwaukee home with these layer window treatments.

Speaking of hardware, the installation can have a lasting effect on the finished look. Drapery rods are typically installed 12-18 inches above the window, as to add height to the room, even higher when you have tall ceilings. And, with the length of your draperies, you’ll have to decide whether you prefer floor length or puddling, to fit the style and function of your home.

Length of layer window treatments matters.


Tip Four: Pick A Header Style

Our final tip in this process, when you layer window treatments, is to pick out just the right header style. There are three main options here. If you want a more traditional–sometimes casual–look, consider rod pockets. Thinking of something more formal? Grommets are perfect for you! Grommets blend well with the hardware on the rod you’ve selected because of the matching metals. If you want to add a touch of extra personality, try pinch pleat. Pinch pleat is when the fabric is gathered and then attached to the rod with drapery rings.


Adding Layer Window Treatments to Your Home

Our team here at Bazaar Home Decorating is excited that you’re ready to take a step toward enhancing the look of your windows. Whether it’s layering window treatments, or solving window issues, contact us today to get started with your FREE consultation.