In this Together: Cultivating a Happy, Healthy Home

While we’re surrounded in these uncertain times, we’re spending much more time at home than usual. It’s important to find a sense of normalcy by trying to keep our lives in order. We want to remind you that we’re in this together, and our team here at Bazaar Home Decorating is here for you. We have come up with our favorite tips for making your house feel like a sanctuary and how to lead a happier and healthier home life. 


Your Healthy Home

What makes a healthy home, you ask? From The Sleep Foundation, we found a great list of ways to improve–not only your sleep, but–your overall life.

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We’ve compiled our list, too! Here are our top four ways to create a happy, healthier home.

  • Follow a Schedule. 
  • Design Comfort.
  • Evaluate Your Space.
  • Get Sunshine.


Follow a Schedule.

Creating a schedule will help you feel more of a sense of control, especially during times of chaos. Be careful not to over-schedule, creating new problems for yourself. Just simple chunks of time throughout the day for everyone to adhere to will keep you more focused and productive, helping keep your kids engaged, too! Win-win. 

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Smart Shades are one of the products we like to recommend to our clients who are seeking that control and accessibility. This may sound surprising, until you’ve experienced this magic firsthand. In the morning, you can program them to open so you’re being woken up by morning sunlight. And, those windows that seem to bring in way too much light over the course of the day? That bright sun pouring in can drain your energy. You can easily adjust those shades closed to avoid the “zapped energy” feeling that often accompanies that atmosphere. Then, when it comes time to wind down for the evening, the shades all draw to a close, helping you start bedtime–or just offering you some additional privacy. 

Design Comfort.

Of course, you crave comfort in your home! Especially at this time, we’re all in this together, feeling really cooped up! Now is the perfect time to start crossing a few things off your project list that you’ve been saving for a day when you have “extra time.” 

living room large windows top down shades Hunter Douglas Milwaukee 53217

Creating comfort is something you can do improve your time at home. How do you decide?

Evaluate Your Space.

Walk around each room in your home. What are the functional needs?

Being Home Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Enjoy the Outdoors

Bringing the outdoors in is such a great way to boost your mood, refresh you, and brighten up your space. After all, sunshine and fresh air are so invigorating. This is one of the biggest places we can help! Even though we love our fair share of sunshine, a little too much natural light is also possible. This is definitely an aspect of life that calls for balance. 

Window shades that will still help bring the outdoors in.

Is there frustrating glare on your tv? Are your floors and walls beginning to fade from the harsh UV rays? Does your interior temp rise significantly in the afternoon? No worries, we have the solutions for you! 

Kitchen without shades has too much natural light pouring in.

Window treatments will make all the difference if you can relate to any of those problems. Adding shades won’t leave your room feeling like a cave either. You can still welcome the light, just in more comfortable levels. No more worrying that the neighbors can see your every move, and no more dealing with too much harsh light. 

Kitchen with shades to control the light.


We’re In this Together, and We Want to Help!

Here at Bazaar Home Decorating, we are in the business of helping you turn your home into an oasis. Even in this time when we have to limit our in-person conversations, we are more than happy to connect via FaceTime, phone or email. We’re in this togather, and we’re here for you!

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It’s time to get a good start on those projects you’ve been putting off for “someday.” Contact us today for your FREE consultation.