Room Darkening to Blackout: 4 Top Considerations

Has the sunlight surprised you lately? Maybe it was the time change, or the gradual lengthening of days, but all of a sudden, it’s probably much brighter in your home. Does controlling the light–or getting a good night’s sleep–seem like an impossible feat? Let us help you compare room darkening to blackout shades to see what solutions you need…


#1 The Fabrics: Room Darkening to Blackout

When making decisions about light control, the fabrics play a big role. Room darkening fabrics offer quality light control, with a higher opacity. Blackout is usually used to describe opaque fabrics. In other words, you can’t see through them. Blackout fabrics are commonly used for the lining of a light filtering shade, or as a secondary roller shade with dual shades.

living room silhouette shades with blackout roller shade Brookfield WI


#2 The Custom Fit

The edge of the shade that meets against the edge of the window frame is one of the big reasons you’re looking for a custom fit. You may have a small amount of light that enters. Hunter Douglas is known for having some of the smallest light gaps in the industry.

Hunter Douglas shades with slight light gap room darkening to blackout Milwaukee WI

There can be little-to-no light coming through, depending on which type of shade is chosen–along with the depth of your window frames. There also is a chance for a glowing outline of the edges of the shades. If you want to seal out the light, we have an answer for that, as well! LightLock is a system, offering U-shaped channels, running down the sides of the window, guiding the shade. 

blackout shade system to seal out sunlight Waukesha WI


#3 Layering

We also have clients who love to layer window treatments–for both the style and function of darkening their home. This can remove the worry of light gaps, darkening your space on more than one level. Side drapery panels are enough to block light gaps. Although some of our clients want lined drapery panels that can fully cover the window. 

curtains layered with room darkening to blackout shades Brookfield WI


#4 Window Location

When deciding on the best way to outfit your windows in a range from room darkening to blackout, you should consider the direction your windows face. For North and South facing windows, room darkening fabrics should be enough. However, with windows that face East or West, your home is receiving the brunt of direct sunlight during sunrise and sunset hours. You may want to consider a blackout solution to give these windows the best chance at protecting your interiors. 

blackout shade solutions Brookfield WI


Bring In the Experts!

At Bazaar Home Decorating, we have been helping the communities surrounding Brookfield, WI for years. If you’re struggling with light control, it’s time to bring us in! We can help you. We’ll sit down with you, listen to the concerns you have and help devise a solution to help the atmosphere of your home. Contact our team for your FREE shop-at-home appointment.