Holiday Gatherings: ‘Tis the Season

After a year or two of little to no holiday gatherings, this year may just be back to normal! The past couple years may have you feeling a little out of practice, but not to worry, our experts at Bazaar Home Decorating are here to help you transform your home and leave you feeling prepared to host all season long.


Conversation is Key

Oftentimes with holiday gatherings, most of the conversation and togetherness happens between the family room and kitchen where many people can stand together. However, there are certainly times when family or friends who haven’t spoken in a long time would prefer a bit more intimate of a setting to chat.

Bazaar Home Decorating roller shades and drapery side panels
Design Studio® Drapery Panels
Designating a simple seating area can go a long way and help everyone have a space to have their conversations while catching up.


Switch Things Up with New Traditions

What a better year to bring in some new traditions if you’re looking to switch things up a bit with your holiday gatherings this year?

Interior shutters in dining room Brookfield, WI
NewStyle® Hybrid Shutters with Split Tilt

Resorting to the large family dinner is always a classic, and for good reason! It can be so special to have all of your loved ones under one roof celebrating and visiting together. However, if you’re looking to change it up a bit, a smaller group gathering can be fun too!

Who Doesn’t Love Brunch?: With the busy holiday season, dinners may not always be feasible for everyone’s schedules. Why not try out a brunch? Everyone will love the food and the quality time spent together.

Try an Open House: If you have a large family, this can be a fun and accommodating way to include everyone while keeping in mind the full schedules everyone has. An open house style gatherings allows you, as the host, to relieve some of the pressure because not everyone will be filling your home at the same exact time, yet you still get to visit with all of your loved ones throughout the day!

Responsibilities Can Be Split: Co-hosting with someone else is a great way to share the responsibilities of hosting, the cooking, cleaning, and prep work.

Indoor/Outdoor Holiday Gatherings: As long as weather, and space, allow…why not try opening up your backyard to your holiday gatherings as well? Even on a chilly day, a cozy fire out back will warm everyone up and help to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Exterior Screen Shades

A Cozy Atmosphere

We’re in the midst of the chilly, winter months here in Wisconsin. During holiday gatherings it’s extra important that your home serves as a cozy and welcoming oasis away from the brisk breeze. Simply by switching out a few things around, you can instantly transform your home into the inviting space you desire for all of the holiday season.

Floor to ceiling windows with pirouette shades in dining room
Pirouette® Window Shading

Incorporating the right window treatments for your space goes a long way. Whether you’re battling lack of light control, poor temperature regulation, or pesky glares… it’s nothing our vast window treatment selection can’t cover! For even more convenience for your home, check out smart shades.


Prepping for Holiday Gatherings

Preparing your home for holiday gatherings is no small feat. We’d love to chat with you about how to help you create a beautiful atmosphere in your home. Adding the best window treatments, creating conversation corners, and ensuring the atmosphere in your home is welcoming are great ways to get your home holiday ready. At the end of the day, the time spent with family and friends is the most important and will create lasting memories. Contact us today to get started with your FREE consultation.