Renewed Bathroom Features

When it comes to design, why do we leave our bathrooms for last? Maybe, it’s because choosing bathroom features seems overwhelming. After all, there are so many obstacles to consider. Privacy, light, humidity to name a few. Come along with Bazaar Home Decorating as we discuss the possibilities for your bathroom and help you conquer your fears. 

Priority No. 1

When prioritizing bathroom features, the most important combination is privacy + light. Your newly styled bathroom should be a sanctuary, offering comfort, relaxation and complete privacy without feeling closed up. 

motorized shades in a bathroom in Waukesha WI
Palm Beach™ Motorized Shutters with Split Tilt

Window solutions like these sophisticated plantation shutters with split tilt, allow flexibility in the space. Open the top to allow natural light to brighten the room, while the bottom remains closed to keep you modest. Adjust as needed for complete control. Other similar coverings such as top down bottom up shades, can provide a similar look with the same great benefits.

Need Direction?

If you’ve ever built a home or lived through a remodel, the topic of window direction has definitely come up. Why is this subject so important to consider with bathroom features? The direction our windows face determines the benefits and drawbacks you will be faced with when designing your space. Ask a professional to help sort it out. We can suggest window solutions that will address issues you may not have considered on your own.

bathroom features designer screen shades in renovated bathroom in milwaukee home
Designer Screen Shades

For example, beyond privacy + light, there are other obstacles to think about when completing the perfect retreat. Take a minute to consider how menacing harsh glare could be during your morning routine, not to mention the damage UV rays would cause to your new interiors. By adding window coverings that offer protection from harmful rays, your bathroom features will look new for years to come. 

Something more to consider when designing your perfect space is energy savings. Along with limitless fabric options, you can choose window treatments designed to provide the utmost energy efficiency. The extra insulation will keep the heat in and cold out during our cold Wisconsin winters! Just another option when choosing bathroom features.

helpful bathroom features with cellular roller shades in milwaukee wi
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Go Big or Go Home!

Floor to ceiling windows are a sought after feature in luxury homes. Showing off a picture perfect view to guests is an amazing commodity and one to be proud of. But, when those large windows are also in the bathroom, we must pivot. Can we install window coverings that stay true to the style of your home and provide privacy when you need it? Yes, we can. 

bathroom design style
Designer Banded Shades

Don’t despair, large windows in the bathroom can remain a focal point. By dressing them with designer shades you can create a sophisticated look while custom window treatments provide the necessary privacy you need. As an added bathroom feature, don’t forget smart shades. Automated shades will allow you to transition from private mode to landscape mode in an instant. It’s magical.

Or Go Small

Small spaces call for unique choices in bathroom features. In order to make your children’s bathroom or guest bath look a bit larger, our experts recommend neutral window treatments. Why not try styling with uniform window shades throughout? Now that’s a fresh, clean look!

bathroom smart shades
Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds

But remember, for small spaces, an important consideration is adjusting the shades. Don’t complicate the process, make it simple by adding “on/off” control to the treatments. A quick touch opens the shade for light or closes it for privacy. Easy.

Bathroom Features: Ready, Set, Go!

Now that you have a better understanding of bathroom features and a redesign doesn’t seem so overwhelming, let’s get started creating your ideal bathroom space. Window covering solutions can add so much value to your bathroom, let our team guide you in the process and help you decide which features are best for your family. Together, we can create the right atmosphere and provide you with solutions you need. Contact us at Bazaar for your FREE Consultation today!