Apartment design: Just because you don’t own it, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate it

While you may be hesitant to put any real effort into decorating an apartment since it’s not technically yours and you may not be residing there in the long-term, experts suggest that you still try to bring some of your personality into the unit. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don’t hold yourself back – Just because it’s an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like your own. “So often people think of their rental as not theirs, and therefore go through life not creating a beautiful home or nest,” designer Kyle Schuneman told HeraldNet.com. “Life is too short to not create a sanctuary that represents your unique vision.”

Make small changes – Replacing the handles on cabinet doors, for example, is a simple way to personalize your kitchen without having to engage in any serious remodeling. When it’s time for you to move out, you can change them back in no time.

Use wall decals – Many landlords ask that their tenants not paint the apartment, but you don’t have to settle for staring at sterile-looking white paint for the next year. These days, there are a number of websites that sell wall decals which are easy to apply and remove as needed and can give a room some much-needed personality.

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