Use custom curtains to turn your dining room window into an art piece

When it comes to finding suitable decor for a formal dining room, many homeowners like to turn to art to add a simplistic elegance to the walls on this part of the house. Since the dining room isn't  typically used every day, but is the sight of many special occasions, including birthdays, holidays and family gatherings.

Even if it's a print of a famous painting, adding art to the wall can help to elevate the sophistication of a room significantly – including a calming influence that's simply not present with other decor items.

But adding art to the wall might only be realistic on one or two of the surfaces in your dining room – after all, if a window occupies the setting, this is likely impossible. Still rather than foregoing this artistic approach to the setup of your dining room, you can use custom curtains to create a similar effect right on your window.

Check in your local Milwaukee fabric store and see if you can find any pieces of designer fabric that would look interesting enough to hang on the wall solo. If you find something you like, you can have the specialists at Bazaar Home Decorating make it into a custom window treatment for you. If you choose a simple style – like a Roman shade, you will have the option of an? unobtrusive window dressing when it's out of the way, or intriguing art piece when it's concealing the window – giving you more options for the decor of your dining room.