How to Create Your Personal Dining Room Style 

As the holiday entertaining season approaches, this may be the time that you reconsider your dining room style. Right now, you may be second-guessing some of the choices you have made, or feel like your space is not guest-ready. At Bazaar Home Decorating, we are prepared to help you create your dining room style so the holiday season feels like a breeze. 

Transform Traditional into Transitional

Tweaking your dining room so it is more transitional is a great place to start. You may be wondering what a transitional style entails. Essentially, you are blending both traditional & contemporary design styles together to form a unique look. The good news is that this can be easy! 

Large dining room with a modern light fixture and black elements that contrast with the being window coverings and light hardwood floors.
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

By utilizing lighter colors like beige, white and gray, while incorporating touches of dark brown and black, you are on the right track. Making a traditional space more transitional can be done by swapping out light fixtures or changing the dining chairs to a different style. You can even add elements that contrast with the walls. By adopting a balance of light and dark colors, you are giving your space a more modern and fresh feel. 

Personalize Your Space 

Now, if you look at your dining room and you think something is missing, have you given thought to your tablescape? It sets the mood and allows you to accurately showcase your style and personality! Lorie with perfectly demonstrates what it means to highlight your personality through your style. 

Shop Lorie’s Style at Like To Know It

Lorie incorporates different layers and textures into a tablescape. By adding neutral place settings, she allows her textured placemats, glass pumpkins and use of a fall color palette to do all of the talking. Furthermore, as you start personalizing your space, keep Lorie’s tablescape in mind. Her style will help provide inspiration for your dining room. 


Right Space. Right Size. 

Evidently, dining rooms come in all different shapes and sizes. When you determine your style, do not let this deter you in any way. You may have a dining room that’s on the smaller side. While this is not entirely conducive to a large gathering, you can use it to your benefit! This holiday season, your home can be the perfect place for intimate gatherings. Memories can still be made even if you are at a smaller table. 

Round dining table with four beige fabric chairs. Light brown window coverings pulled down over the windows.
Skyline® Gliding Window Panels

Now, you may have a larger dining room. The additional space may be challenging. You can explore filling the space by creating a conversation area. This includes two chairs angled in towards each other and a side table that can be used to set drinks or appetizers on as guests settle in. As you host a larger gathering, you may find that friends and family gravitate towards this space to converse with each other. 

Light dining room with a dining table and a conversation area . White walls and window coverings.
Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Showcase Your Collections 

As you create your dining room style, showcasing collections is a great way to make a statement. You may collect books, china dishes, wine bottles or glassware. There is no better place to highlight your collection than in the dining room. It is a perfect way to breathe personality into your space. 

Dining room table with fabric chairs that has two built-in glass wine cellars on either side.
Alustra® Woven Textures®

This can be done by a glass-enclosed wine room, built-in hutches or a buffet. These special collections are a great conversation starter as guests make their way through the house. Lastly, it will keep you smiling as you walk by. 

We’re Here to Help 

At Bazaar Home Decorating, we are here to help make the holiday season a breeze with our custom window treatments, shades, blinds and more. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment or consultation. We are ready to get started!