Personalize your home office while maintaining its functionality

Whether you work from home or just want a clear surface to pay the bills, the home office has become an indispensable part of the house for many of us. It's great to have a quiet retreat where you can get some work done, do a little reading or start on a project. But unlike a corporate office, you are free to inject as much of your personal style as you'd like into this space, leaving the options for a functional home office limited only by your imagination. 

Still, probably because of the years of practice many of us have had working in an office, it may be easier to focus while sitting at a desk when there aren't many visual distractions around. Because your home office should be a focus-friendly and inspiring environment, you may feel limited by the amount of choices you have. But if you make the right decision, the design of your work space will actually make it easier to concentrate. 

First, you're going to need a good organizational system. After all, it's not just about filing. Rather than let the top of your desk stay cluttered with papers and projects that are in progress, it makes more sense to have an easy-to-implement system for keeping these items organized and out of the way. Similarly, you'll want to be able to find the scissors, a pen and other often elusive items without launching into a ten minute hunt. 

And while you might want to stick to the traditional lumbar support and convenient wheels of an office chair – a stock color isn't your only option, since you can recover it with a pattern that you prefer. When it comes to designing a home office that you can really use, you need a custom home organization solution that you can trust. Speak to an expert at Bazaar Home Decorating to get started.