Solve Your Window Problems By Taking A Look Next Door

When you have a question, what do you do? The most likely answer–you probably Google it. But, while Google can be good for answering certain questions, when it comes to solving your window problems, the answer is a lot closer than you might think. In order to make the best decisions for your home, try taking a look at your neighbor’s house. You share the same street, same zip code, and more than likely, the same problems. Let’s see what they’ve been dealing with…


“Smart shades seem like a great solution to my problems, but are they too expensive?”

Solve your window problems by getting vintage roman shades

Technology is everywhere. And, as smart home technology has become widely available, it has also become more affordable. The same thing can be said about smart shades. Smart shades have become the most one of the popular features in window coverings, and they have also become more affordable for consumers. Besides the cost, motorized shades have amazing benefits you can’t pass up. By linking smart shades to your smart home system, you take back control. Regulating your home’s temperature or lighting is easier than ever.

“It feels like every time I look out my window, my neighbor is in plain view.”

Say hello to your privacy with honeycomb shades.

Gaining privacy plays a huge role in transforming your house into a home. Without the proper window treatments, there’s a level of comfort you won’t reach. But, no one wants to feel like they’re living in a cave, either. With top-down bottom-up shades you get the privacy you deserve and the natural light you love. Top-down shades allow light to naturally flow through the top, but keep your privacy through the bottom, making them the perfect solution to your window problems. 


“Our large windows are one of my favorite parts of my home, but they cause overheating and glare.”

Say goodbye to glare with floor to ceiling window treatments.

Large windows can be a great feature for any room. But, oftentimes, they can cause more harm than good. Harsh lighting that fades your wood, persistent glare that make your room unbearable, and haunting heat that drives your AC bill up–these are just a few issues large windows can cause. But, you don’t have to give up the amazing view and natural lighting, either. With floor to ceiling window treatments, the issues caused by large windows are fixed in a flash. See our solutions here.


Let Us Help You Solve Your Window Problems

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