Sheer Window Treatments: Enjoy Your Natural Light

Natural light is one of the most versatile assets you can use to let your home show its true potential. From setting the mood, to regulating temperature, natural light can completely change your environment. In order to get the best from your sunlight, you need window treatments that are just as versatile! Hunter Douglas’ sheer window treatments are designed with your needs in mind, and they’re the perfect way to get all the benefits natural light offers, without the hassles!    


sheer window treatments blackout shadesSet the Mood

Sheer window treatments, like the stylish Silhouette Shadings line, are a fantastic way to fill your room with a beautiful ambient glow. With two layers of soft sheers to diffuse light, and highly adjustable s-vanes to direct light to where you want it, these sheer window treatments give you amazing control. Go from bright and energizing–without hotspots–to a relaxing sanctuary with a warm glow in a snap! Sheer shadings can even take your room to full dark any time of day! Bring some of the beauty of the outdoors into your home with sheer window treatments that let you enjoy your view, without giving up your privacy!


sheer window treatments privacy sheersProtection and Style

Hunter Douglas sheer window treatments come in a phenomenal range, from ultra sheer to drapery like fabrics in an array of colors. You’ll find the perfect match for your personal style and decor. Sheer shadings provide an elegant, well-designed feel to your home, but they aren’t just beautiful–they’re strong too! Sheer window treatments, like Luminette Privacy Sheers and Nantucket, offer protection from–not only–annoying glare, but also from overexposure! Too much direct light streaming into your home will bombard your furniture with harmful UV rays that damage wood and dull paint and fabric colors. Luckily, Hunter Douglas sheer window treatments block out 75% or more of the UV rays in your natural light, and help you keep your home and decor looking their best!


sheer window treatments motorized shadesMotorized Control for Effortless Function

Sheer window treatments give you an infinite range of light control on their own, but when combined with the available PowerView motorization option, using that control is easier than ever! Hunter Douglas PowerView motorization system let’s you set your sheer shadings using the stylish Pebble remote, or with your phone or tablet by downloading the app! Control your natural light from across the room, or across the globe. Or take advantage of the ‘set it and forget it’ scheduling feature to have your window treatments adjust automatically throughout the day! Combine PowerView motorized shades with compatible home integration systems for a whole “smart home” experience!


Sheer Window Treatments Will Transform Your Home

Once you’ve seen the beauty and convenience of sheer window treatments, you’ll delight in the benefits they bring to your home, and the upgrades they bring to your lifestyle! If you’re inspired to upgrade, contact us for a free at home consultation. We’ll bring all the beautiful options to you and answer any of your questions, so all you have to do is choose your perfect sheer window treatments!