Plantation Shutters: Classic Elegance Meets Contemporary Operation

Everyone loves the timeless elegance of plantation shutters – their bold, clean lines and sophisticated refinement have long been a staple across the country. Just as the designs and materials have changed over the years, so have the details and operating features of these classic window treatments. You now have more possibilities than ever when choosing how each of your shutters will operate and add design appeal to your home. Just as each room in your house has a different function and style, so now can your windows. 


Front Tilt or Rear Tilt? The Choice is Yours.

plantation shutters rear tiltTilt choice really comes down to style. Plantation shutters that feature the front tilt bar breathe a more traditional look into your home, controlled by adjustment of the louvers. The other end of the style spectrum features rear tilt, otherwise known as hidden tilt–for good reason. This tilt bar is out of the way, leaving you with an open view and a more contemporary appearance. Adjustment with rear tilt is done just like front tilt–simply by adjusting the louvers with your fingertips. Both tilt choices have their own beauty, but you have to decide which one fits your style personality and the nuances of your home. Different louver sizes are also available to contribute to the overall look. 


Bypass Track & Bi-Fold Track: Added Privacy with a View!

Plantation Shutters MilwaukeePerfect for sliding screen or patio doors, the Bypass Track system allows shutter panels to slide past each other on top tracks to open and close. This is the perfect solution to give you to the added privacy of full entryway coverage, when wanted, along with the versatility of opening in the same direction as your patio door, for ease of use. What makes this option even better is that all of your openings – windows and patio doors alike – now share the same clean lines and sophistication that only plantation shutters can offer! For large, picture windows or windows that span a partial or entire wall, the Bi-Fold Track operating system is the perfect solution! This system allows up to six panels to be hinged together and connected to a top track, which supports the panels and guides their movements. This gives you the ability to open up the room like never before, giving way to unobstructed views. What a great way to enjoy the distinctive beauty of plantation shutters while maximizing your panoramic view!


Hinged Panels & Specialty Shapes: Individual Delight

plantation shutters specialty shapesThe customization of specialty shaped windows is one of our favorite features of plantation shutters. The sharp design makes your windows stand out exactly how you dreamed they would. As far as operating systems, when you have individual window openings, hinged panels are the way to go. In bathrooms, bedrooms and other small rooms you get the benefit of plantation shutters while still having full access to the window – and the view – behind. For slightly larger individual window openings, like double or triple paned – we have a “T post” that we can install to allow for more folding options with multiple panels.


All operating systems are available with either front or rear tilt, depending on your taste, and come in a variety of materials – from synthetic to hardwood, in a variety of paint and stain options to satisfy any taste. Now you can enjoy multi-functioning windows throughout your home in one classic design and with the distinction and elegance of plantation shutters. Contact us today to schedule your free, in-home consultation with our experienced design team or visit our showroom for a full sized demonstration!