Blackout Curtains or Blackout Shades for a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you love the feeling of waking up refreshed and ready for the day? Getting a good night’s sleep is glorious, but it’s not easy this time of year. As the days lengthen, sunshine streams into your bedroom earlier each day and lingers longer in the evening. While your body is longing for sleep, the extra light can make it difficult to drift off at night or sleep in on the weekends. Do longer days have you searching for room-darkening solutions? If so, you might be wondering whether you should get blackout curtains or blackout shades. Mostly, it depends on the look you want for the room you’re trying to darken. Curtains boast soft, flowing fabrics along with patterns and prints, while shades give you a designer look with textures and colors that complement your decor. Talking with one of our design consultants is the best way to know which room-darkening window treatments will work best for you and your home, but here is a little about the benefits and qualities of your options.


blackout curtains MilwaukeeBlackout Curtains

Have you ever been to a hotel with stunning draperies that helped you get one of the best night’s sleep? The look and feel of custom draperies is something our clients often want for their own homes. Softness and beauty with top-notch darkening qualities, our blackout curtains offer just that. Made from the beautiful fabric you select, they have an additional liner that helps block as much light as possible and provides thermal insulation to boost energy-efficiency in your home. You can trust that our liners will do their job. We hear far too often about how other blackout drapes didn’t work the way our clients hoped, and that’s why they came to us. We’re a trusted source for quality products that will have you sleeping soundly in a room that’s dark and comfortable.


blackout curtains MilwaukeeBlackout Shades

For room-darkening solutions, you don’t have to compromise style. In fact, blackout shades do a lot to elevate style in your rooms. Whatever look you love, we’ve got a shade for it! From the sleek, low-profile appearance of roller shades to the flowing, waterfall design of romans, complementing your decor is easy. There are even blackout options for energy-efficient honeycomb shades and sheer shadings! On top of heightened style, with shades, you can enjoy the conveniences and comforts of modern innovations–like motorization and top-down bottom-up operation. Plus, their blackout quality is superior. Crafted to fit your unique windows from the quality fabric you choose, custom blackout shades reduce light gaps to the smallest they can be. Your rooms will be as dark as possible and gorgeous, so you can rest easy!


blackout curtains MilwaukeeLayers

Layering at the window brings beauty to your rooms and also a range of light control options for your lifestyle. Combining window treatments is a great way to get everything you want when it comes to style and function. If you love the look of draperies but don’t need blackout curtains, try drapery side panels. They’ll block the small amount of light at the edge of your window. Adding top treatments to blackout shades let you incorporate your favorite fabrics, patterns, and prints into a space. If you want beautiful daylighting but need blackout solutions, one of the latest innovations might entice you: a blackout shade that operates in place behind your sheer window treatments. With layers, you can create a coordinated look and get the function you need.


So What’ll It Be: Blackout Curtains or Blackout Shades?

We know you’re at your best when you get a good night’s sleep. As you decide whether you want blackout curtains or blackout shades to help you get the rest you need, we’re here for you. Our design consultants will listen and guide you toward the right blackout solutions for your family and lifestyle. Don’t wait another day, or night, to create the perfect atmosphere for wonderful shuteye. Contact us at Bazaar Home Decorating for a free, in-home consultation today!