Trouble with Morning Sunshine?

Through research, it has been found that sunlight offers many benefits. This includes rejuvenation, healing and invigoration for the body. However, there are instances where people prefer to shield themselves from it, particularly when the morning sunshine floods through the windows. Thankfully, our team at Bazaar Home Decorating has a list of options that can help strike a balance between enjoying the benefits of light while also blocking it out.

Uninterrupted Sleep: It’s Within Reach

As we transition from winter to spring, we all wish for a seamless change. While everyone enjoys the extra bit of sunlight at the end of the day, the morning sunshine can disrupt your day if it comes earlier than expected. Luckily, you can install room-darkening shades in your bedroom to enjoy darkness until you are ready to wake up!

Large corner windows with floor to ceiling roller shades for room darkening

Establish the Ideal At-Home Office Lighting

Working from home means that you get a firsthand account of how sunlight travels through your home during the day. The good news is that morning or afternoon sun rays don’t have to affect your productivity. We have two great recommendations to help you establish the perfect home office atmosphere. This allows you to control the amount of light you want to let in or block out.

Our first recommendation is none other than dual shades. They offer flexibility to cover specific parts of the window, the whole window or none at all. This way, you can regulate the natural light to suit your needs and preferences.

nantucket collection with dual sheer shade in milwaukee wisconsin

Although this next recommendation is second on our list does not mean that it isn’t an equally great option for fighting that morning sunshine. Top-down shades are perfect for covering the entire window or lowering them from the top.

home office with brown top down bottom up roman shades Milwaukee Wi

Smart Shades All the Way

Morning sunshine is inevitable. But did you know that you can use motorized shades to schedule settings to allow light in when you want it and prevent it from being a distraction? You can even save your preferred settings and schedule them to adjust automatically! This can be tailored to your location and time zone, syncing with the sunrise rather than a fixed time. Now, you can ensure year-round effectiveness as the days change in length!

A lady holding a phone with PowerView® Automation on the screen.
PowerView® Automation

Let Us Help

Although morning sunshine is beautiful, it can sometimes be an inconvenience. If you’re experiencing issues with sunlight entering your home, our team at Bazaar Home Decorating is here to help! Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation.