Ideal Coverage for Those Large Windows

We love them for the incredible views and natural light, but sometimes those large windows can be a bit of a burden. At certain times of the day, the harsh glare chases you out of the room. At night, there’s just no privacy to be had. What if we told you that you can have your views and privacy too? Let’s explore coverage options for your large windows.

Private Life

Those large windows are incredible, but don’t put your whole life on display!  With the right window coverings you can add privacy without compromising your beautiful view. One of our favorite products to cover those large windows is our top-down-bottom-up shade. They offer tremendous flexibility, a sleek look and function with ease. When adjusted as top-down, your landscape views remain, but your private life is protected. As bottom-up, the sun warms your kitchen floor, but the glare doesn’t interfere with your morning routine. Other benefits include controlled lighting and UV protection.  It’s such a simple solution.

those large windows with top down shades in milwaukee kitchen
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades on floor to ceiling windows

The Open Floor Plan

If you have an open floor plan, chances are you’re already struggling with window issues. But for many of our clients, the real question is how they can keep their authentic style while addressing their menacing windows. Lucky for them, we have a featured article offering ideas on how to cover windows in an open floor plan home. You don’t need to choose between style and function any longer. With our stylists and your input, we can help create the look you want. Whether it’s low-profile, barely there treatments or a product that rolls up and out of the way, you have options. 

dining room pirouette shades floor to ceiling blinds

Custom Coverage

When we do custom, we really do custom. There is no project too complicated for Bazaar Home Decorating, we have seen it all when it comes to the placement and needs of those large windows. Every client’s home is different, some have arches and transoms, others…skylights. We can create the look you want while keeping your home’s autentic look in mind. Custom to us, means designed for you and only you.

those large windows with architectual treatments in milwaukee
Alustra® Architectural Shades

Savor the View

Afterall, it’s all about the view. Those floor to ceiling windows are your home’s best feature–don’t cover them up out of frustration. Work with our designers to treat those large windows with something as spectacular, while reducing the glare and adding privacy. It’s possible to solve window issues and still enjoy your incredible view. Find your favorite window treatments by exploring our list of the top 5 treatments! 

A modern living room with Luminette® Privacy Sheers cover the sliding door; Silhouette® Window Shades covering the windows.
Luminette® Privacy Sheers cover the sliding door; Silhouette® Window Shades cover the windows.

Easy Adjustments

The chore of adjusting window treatments, especially for those large windows, can make clients think twice about installing coverings. But today, there is no ladder needed. You can gain full control of light and privacy with simple and convenient adjustments by installing treatments with the right operating system. There are many options, beginning with motorized rods, all the way to smart shades. Choose one that complements your lifestyle and technology comfort level. By integrating with your current smart home system you can schedule adjustments or call out commands in real time. If you’d like, use your smartphone to close the shades to make things more comfortable. 

see where home investments matter with window treatments in Milwaukee living room
Alustra® Architectural Shades

Enjoy Those Large Windows Again!

Whether your home faces East, West, North or South, there’s no escaping pesky glare from the sun at certain times of the day. Address this concern, and many others, when you finally cover those large windows. Today, covering windows won’t take away from the style of your home or impact your view to the outdoors. In fact, window treatments enhance the function and add beauty to your windows. If you need ideas about how to solve window issues in your home, contact us for a FREE one-to-one consultation in your home or visit our showroom. We’d love to show you how window treatments can completely change the way you live in your home.