The 7 Types of Roller Shades You Should Know

Seven is often known as the luckiest number, and if you aren’t familiar with these 7 types of roller shades, today is your lucky day! Rollers are one of the most popular window coverings, and we’d like to show you how they could become your favorite…


Alustra Architectural

types of roller shades for Brookfield WI
Alustra® Architectural Roller Shades

The newest shade in our collection, anything with the word “architectural” in the name just feels luxurious, doesn’t it? These roller shades offer high-end design with incredible light control to create a beautiful atmosphere in your home.


Rolling Romans

Our second product on the list of ‘types of roller shades’ isn’t a roller at all! Known better as a roman shade that rolls, our Vignette Modern Romans collection has started bringing this simple function into its design. You’ll be star struck with the detailed design of these shades, and when you want them out of the way, they disappear into the headrail–just like a roller.

Rolling roman shades in a white bedroom with corner windows.
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Did you know romans can roll?!? We couldn’t resist adding this stunning product into the many types of roller shades. Even though when they’re lowered, they look like beautifully structured roman shades, they actually function like rollers!


Designer Banded

Banded shades in cream fabrics next to succulents overlooking a tranquil lake
Designer Banded Shades

These geometric designs come to you with the Designer Banded Shades collection. Not only are they offered in striped patterns, but you can make the focal point of your space a creative stage. Available in soothing curves and dynamic colors, they’re an instant statement. Beyond looking beautiful, those solid/sheer fabrics can shift, which means you can transform the atmosphere from sheer view-through to solid light blocking with a quick rotation. When you want a wide open view? Just roll them up, out of the way.


Woven Textures

Dual shades on living room window over a black wood credenza
Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller Shades

Beautiful fabrics, exquisite finishes. These shades are a showstopper from the moment they’re installed. Exclusive to the Alustra collection, you’ll discover a customized design experience like no other.

Sonnette Cellular Rollers

Dine in area with gray shades covering part of the black trim windows
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

Did you ever think the phrase “energy efficient” would be used to describe the types of roller shades we have? Think again. Most of our shades have light blocking options–which is great for the intense summer afternoons. But, what about insulation? The Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades collection combines honeycomb structured cells that insulate the window, with a simplistic function, designed to roll up and disappear into the headrail. 

Exterior Screen Shades

exterior screen shades in Milwaukee

There’s nothing quite like patio season here in the Milwaukee area! To be able to extend it–or just enjoy it more–sounds like a dream. Our exterior solar shades can help you create the perfect spot to relax or entertain. Keep out the bugs, reduce the harsh rays–all while you sit back and enjoy your outdoor space.


The Original Rollers

home office with pale neutral roller shades above dark wooden desk
Designer Roller Shades

From stunning solids to playful patterns, there’s no limit to the customized look of our original roller shades. Get a host of benefits with timeless style for your home.


7 Types of Roller Shades: Do You Have a Favorite?

It can definitely seem overwhelming to try to select window coverings, especially when there are 7 types of roller shades. That’s what our team of window covering specialists are here for. Don’t stress–this process should be fun and exciting. Let us show you what’s possible! Stop into the showroom, or get in touch for your FREE in-home consultation.