Looking for design inspiration? Check out your iPad

These days, it seems that you can't stumble across the internet without finding some article or website having to do with interior design. Whether it's singing the praises of Hunter Douglas window treatments or displaying thousands of images on how you might like to decorate your home, online sources are some of the best places to turn for those who are seeking inspiration. 

A wealth of interior-design focused apps and tools have also emerged for the iPad, enabling homeowners to completely redesign their home without leaving the living room couch. But you don't have to trust common sense to recognize this trend. According to Flurry, a mobile data analytics firm, the iPad is very popular among those who are interested in home design. 

The study focused on users of the iPhone and iPad, splitting them up by their hobbies in order to determine which device they were more likely to prefer. Unsurprisingly, those who were interested in home decor overwhelmingly liked the iPad, since the large touch screen would enable them to develop their ideas. The interface brings users a wealth of apps specifically for home decor. 

If you're interested in embarking on a decorating project in your Milwaukee home, perhaps it's a good idea to take a look at what your iPad has to offer, in terms of inspiration. Of course, you could also contact the experts at Bazaar Home Decorating and set up a shop at home appointment. That way you can ditch the pixels and check out what works in your home by seeing it in person. Call us today!