Boost productivity by increasing the natural lighting in your study

As modern technology advances people have more opportunities to bring their professional and educational work home. The internet has allowed students to complete their assignments in the comfort of their bedrooms instead of spending hours in the library researching information. Additionally, telecommuting is a rising trend and people in almost any occupation can spend some of their work time at home.

However, it can be difficult to stay focused and energized when you are working in a cozy setting, which is why your home office should be strategically arranged to minimize distractions.

Studies have shown that when the body absorbs natural light productivity, attentiveness and energy levels are increased. Sunlight not only regulates our sleep cycle to fight off fatigue, but it also has an effect on our Cortisol levels which control stress in the body.

Therefore, if you spend most of your time working under artificial lighting it would be a good idea to consider redecorating.

Removing tall furniture pieces that cast large shadows, switching to a brighter color scheme and moving your desk so it is facing the windows are some helpful ways to increase the amount of sunlight that is allowed in the room.

The most important feature in a study is the windows. Using the proper window treatments can make your work day much easier. Sheer fabrics and adjustable blinds are good choices that allow you to control the lighting in your room in order to prevent glare but still allowing sun rays in.

Bazaar offers a variety of custom window coverings, so you can find the perfect finishing touches for your new and improved study room.