How to decorate your bay windows

Bay windows are not only add aesthetic appeal to a room, but they also provide large areas with a great light source. One drawback to this style is that their varying and typically unusual shapes make them difficult to decorate and furnish around. 

However, with a touch of creativity and some guidance you can find stylish window treatments as well as functional furnishings that complement the area.

First, you have to decide what you want the purpose of your bay view to be and then stick to a decorating scheme that will contribute to its function. How you plan on using your bay window usually depends on what room it is in, here are some tips for decorating in different areas of your house:

Bedroom study- Natural lighting gives you more energy, boosts productivity and keeps you focused which is why you should position your desk so it's facing bay windows that are in bedrooms. Honeycomb blinds are great for study areas because they can be pulled down to prevent sun glare with out blocking too much light. 

Kitchen cafe- If you enjoy eating breakfast in sunny space with a great view, consider putting a small round table by the window for a European cafe atmosphere. Then, dress the window with roman shades or valences to optimize lighting. 

Living room reading nook- Installing a cushioned bench under the window with vertical bookshelves on each end will give you a cozy place to read your favorite novels. You can then hang custom curtains and drapes across the top to create a room-within-a-room for more solitude and less distractions. 

Bay windows that are located in living rooms usually require unique coverings so that they can adjust to the sun glare that obstructs people's vision. At Bazaar you will be able to find the perfect window treatments or custom blinds for your bay window.