Heading off to college? Don’t forget the window treatments!

Decorating a college dorm room is undoubtedly a challenge. Since the housing provided on most college campuses includes furniture and a stipulation against too much personalization (such as painting), it can be hard to really make a space feel like it's your own. Moreover, when you've already spent thousands on tuition, fees and books, it can feel frivolous to make any large purchases related to the look and feeling of your room as well. 

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of any room, especially an assigned dormitory, is to purchase window treatments. When installed correctly, these can have a transformative effect on the look and feeling of your space. making windows appear larger and covering some of what is sure to be a frustratingly beige wall. 

Rather than hanging your curtains from the top moulding of your windows, interior designers recommend installing them so that they are "high and wide." Hang your drapes well above the top of the window and outside of it as well, and make sure that the panels are long enough to touch the floor. There are dozens of examples of this done properly online, which can serve as an inspiration.

Sophisticated window treatments are an excellent way to improve the quality of any room, and will certainly help to set yours apart from the rest of the pack. Before you leave Milwaukee, stop into Bazaar Home Decorating and find out how we can help turn your dorm room into a student's paradise.