A home between buildings would need good custom window treatments

Here in Milwaukee, most of us are content to live in typical houses. Usually, homes are one or two stories, and include the average smattering of bedrooms, living and dining areas and a kitchen. However, in some of the world’s most populated urban areas, it is simply not possible to live in a space like this.

Instead, rising property values cause people to cram into increasingly smaller dwellings, urging architects and urban planners to get even more creative when designing homes in unexpected places. Recently, window company Farko hosted a contest for architects, urging them to come up with unexpected places to live in which windows were a primary feature.

Architects Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann submitted a proposal entitled “Live Between Buildings!” Their idea is to make use of the alley spaces between existing residential buildings in urban areas and turn them into vertical dwellings. While most of these homes will only be four or five feet wide, they will be much taller, enabling those who live in them to enjoy what is essentially an entire apartment.

In order to make sure that these homes get enough natural light, the exterior walls consist only of windows. While it’s not a type of design most of us are familiar with, the idea would help to bring room for new housing into some of the world’s most expensive cities. Still, in these dwellings, custom drapes would be a must to ensure privacy and lend some decor to an unusual place to live.

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