Is gray the new black?

There may be a new hit TV show titled "Orange is the New Black," but gray is actually the hot color of the season. Homeowners are attracted to the neutrality of the hue, allowing them to incorporate eye-popping décor against this background color.

"We used to say every room needs a bit of black, but there's an idea, too, that every room can be updated with a bit of gray," color expert Kate Smith told the Washington Post. "It's a beautiful color. It can update a room and you don't have to change anything — you can just update your pillows."

Thinking about using the gray hue in your Milwaukee house or apartment? Take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate the color into your home décor:

  • Refinished furniture: Do you have a desk or armoire that needs finishing? Why don't you paint these objects a shade of gray? Want to go for an industrial vibe? Brushed metals, including a gray-silver hue are the way to go. 
  • Walls: The great thing about gray is that it can be used as both a neutral background and an accent color. Start by painting your walls a very pale shade of gray and then incorporating darker accessories, such as throw pillows, into your home décor.
  • Window fashions: When using the popular color, don't neglect your windows. Décor such as stylish drapes and curtains will make any room in your house come alive. Our Milwaukee fabric store has a variety of gray toned selections in stock and can even order custom fabric to fit your needs. Come into Bazaar Home Decorating Center today and start making your decorating dreams a reality.