How to store Halloween decorations

We hope you had a happy and safe Halloween! While you're still on a sugar rush, think about taking down and storing your festive decorations. Before you know it, the winter holidays will be here. If you're hosting guests this year, you will want to start getting your Milwaukee home in tip-top shape. Check out these helpful tips on storing your Halloween decorations.

  • Keep decorations in a dry environment: Inclement environments, including moisture, dust, and heat can all ruin expensive holiday decorations. You don't want to buy new decorations year after year, so be sure that they are properly stored. Keep in mind that although basements boast a lot of room for storage, this area is prone to excessive moisture and even flooding. Additionally, if you own fragile décor, bubble wrap these items before putting them away.
  • Store costumes in a closet: Who needs an expensive storage facility when you can easily get organized with a custom closet? Once your children are done with their Halloween costumes, be sure to clean them before placing them in the closet. If you think these costumes can only be used one night a year, think again. If your daughter likes to play dress up, chances are she'll use her princess ensemble often. Furthermore, your kids can also use their costumes for fun themed days at school and other festive holidays. If your closet is small or inadequate, be sure to contact Bazaar Home Decorating Center for assistance. We can help you with custom closet organization and ensure that your laundry room, garage and pantry are all neat and tidy.