How to decorate your home’s entryway

The entryway in your home is the first thing guests are going to see when they walk in, but this may be one of the most difficult spaces to keep clean and presentable. Make sure to create a great first impression with these helpful decorating tips for your entryway.

  • Add flair: Similar to an outfit, your home décor exudes your original personality. Use the entryway to make a statement about yourself. Are you a book worm? Try incorporating a shelf with your favorite books into your foyer. Do you like to collect stuff? Exhibit your collection of antiques or artwork at the front of your house.
  • Get organized: Your entryway is likely a small hallway leading into your home. To maximize the space, add cabinets and shelves to help you stay organized. For even more home organization tips and custom closets be sure to contact Bazaar Home Decorating Center.
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who's the fairest of them all? We all feel rushed in the morning and often leave the house before making sure our hair looks okay and we don't have lipstick on our teeth. Hanging a mirror on the wall leading to your front door can help you to avoid any fashion faux pas on the way to work. Additionally, this will also make your entryway appear larger and more open.

For additional home design ideas, be sure to visit our Milwaukee showroom! We can help you choose fabrics for custom window fashions which will strategically make your home more stylish and inviting.