Give your teen’s bedroom a mature makeover

Just as kids outgrow their clothes, they also outgrow their rooms. This doesn't mean you have to put an addition on your Milwaukee home, it simply means you have to alter the interior design in your teenager's bedroom. A room with a childish ambiance can be embarrassing for an adolescent. Work with your teens to help them achieve a dream bedroom with these simple solutions.

  • Colorful walls: Does your teenager have a favorite color he or she is obsessed with? The great thing about a youthful room is that you can experiment with colors that may be "too bright" for adults. Visit your local hardware store to pick up some paint samples and test out hues before you commit to painting an entire room that shade.
  • Design scheme: When your son or daughter was a kid, it was easy to pick themes for his or her room, ranging from fairy tales to race car motifs. However, when teenagers get older they are likely to outgrow these themes. Instead of opting for an entire design motif, add interchangeable items such as throw pillows or artwork to the room in order to give it a temporary makeover.
  • Organization: Most teens have trouble staying organized and keeping their room clean. Limiting clutter in a bedroom can help your teenager focus on his or her schoolwork when at home. At Bazaar Home Decorating Center we can help you install shelves, custom closets and other storage features into your teenager's room, which will keep him or her right on track.