How to bring tranquility to your city home

We're lucky to call Milwaukee—the largest city in Wisconsin—home. From great restaurants to sports and shopping, the city has it all. However, do you ever have those days where you're tired of the hustle and bustle of urban living? Some days you may just want to retreat to your home or apartment for some peace and quiet, which is a why it's important to implement relaxing home décor into your space.

If you need help creating a tranquil oasis, take a look at some of these design tips:

  • Candles: If you're tired of looking at concrete and street lights, add some soothing candles to your living room. Lighting a candle is shown to relax you, and can also fill your home with an aromatic scent.
  • Color palette: Colors have a bigger effect on your mood and wellbeing than you may think. For instance, light lavender is shown to ease your mind. If you're looking for some peace and quiet, paint your bedroom with this soothing hue, or opt for purple window fashions. Not only is this hue known to promote tranquility, it is also quite trendy as orchid is the top color of 2014.
  • Window fashions: "Full-length drapes or shades with a blackout liner are essential in bedrooms, particularly if you have trouble sleeping with light from street lamps slipping into your room all night," writes contributor Laura Gaskill. "If your neighbors are very close, you may also want to cover any large windows with full-length sheer curtains that can be drawn during the day."

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