Last-minute Super Bowl decorating tips

Even if you're not the biggest football fan in the world, you can still throw a Super Bowl party in your Milwaukee home. Now that the big game is only two days away, it's crunch time! If you're stressing out about getting your home ready for your guests, take a look at these helpful decorating tips to make preparing for your party a breeze.

  • Couch covers: If you're hosting the party in your living room, you're going to want to make sure that your rowdy guests don't make a huge mess. Instead of being the uptight host who watches over her guests so that they don't spill anything, invest in couch covers. Before your party, drape them over your sofa or love seat. This way, if any guests accidentally spill their drinks or food, you can simply put the cover in the wash after the party.
  • Divide your home into stations: "It's important to have mini events going on within the big event," party planner Ariana Stecker tells NY1. "So you want to have food stations, then you want to have games for the kids if you're having young ones, you want to have a place for people to drink, a place for people to socialize and obviously a place for people to watch the game and really get into it."

We hope you have a fun and happy Super Bowl weekend, regardless of which team wins! To treat your home like a true champion, stop into our Milwaukee fabric store for custom curtains and drapes