What will be the biggest trends in office design in 2014?

It's difficult to come up with a one-size-fits-all approach to designing and decorating an office, given how much these spaces can vary in terms of size and functionality. The needs of a lawyer working at home are obviously much different than those of someone using their office to create arts and crafts.

But if you're looking for guidance on how to put together a home office that fits your needs, it's worth looking at some of the big trends of 2014, as you might get some ideas for how you can make your own work better for you:

  • Bright colors: Design & Trend Magazine, an interior decorating site, notes that bright colors are replacing drab beige and off-white in order to give offices more character. If you want to liven up your home office, try adding some custom drapes and curtains that feature bold shades of blue, red or green.
  • Mobility: The source states that mobility is important in the age of tablets and laptops, and as a result many companies are designing their offices with this fact in mind.  If you use a laptop or tablet for your computing needs, you may want to consider using rolling chairs and light tables that let you move around the room as needed.
  • Open space: Cubicles are out, and open spaces are in, which lead to more collaboration. Even if you generally work alone at home, try to select furniture that allows for better utilization of space so that the room doesn't feel so cramped.

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