Home renovations for 2014

Can you believe that we are almost approaching the end of January? If you haven't gotten started with your New Year's design resolutions, what are you waiting for? If you want to shake up your old routine and reinvent yourself, it's best to start with your home. After all, you spend a lot of time in your house. If you're not in love with your home design scheme, now's your time to change it. Take a look at some of the top home makeover tips:

  • Fresh coat of paint: "If you've committed to revamping your home in 2014, then you have to get rid of those white walls," writes Emily Bibb of CasaSugar.com. "While safe, white walls have nothing on rooms painted in shades of red, blue, and even black. With just a few coats, you can make a huge design statement — no hefty budget needed." Look for new window fashions that will make your walls pop. For instance, if you opt for a pale blue pallet, select cobalt or navy window fashions.
  • Gardening: If the winter has got you down, bring some life to your Milwaukee home with house plants. Even if you don't have a green thumb, you can still add plants to your decor. Some low-maintenance options include jades, lillies, cacti and orchids. Since Radiant Orchid is the color of the year, you'll be right on trend!
  • Organization: If your 2014 goal is to get organized, it's best to start with your closet. Think about the decor, lighting and practical features of your storage space. If you're tired of digging in the back of your closet for shoes, purses or winter sweaters, Bazaar Home Decorating Center can help. We specialize in custom home organization to help you remain neat and tidy throughout the year!
  • Revamped bathrooms: Create a spa-like oasis with a bathroom makeover this year. When you've had a rough day, there's nothing better than indulging in a warm bubble bath. Free-standing tubs are very popular nowadays. Also try equipping your powder room with soft linens. 
  • Wallpaper: Wallpaper is back and bigger than ever! Although this feature was considered outdated a few decades ago, today homeowners are giving the trend a new spin. Instead of adhering to florals, search for innovative designs and bright colors. It's best to think outside of the box when decorating with wallpaper. For instance, an accent wall where only one wall is decorated is all the rage.

To adhere to all of your design resolutions in 2014, be sure to stop by Bazaar Home Design Center for custom curtains and drapes. Or, contact us for Milwaukee home organization!