Jazz up your curtains with creative hardware

Custom curtains and drapes are just another way for you to show off your one-of-a-kind style in your home. More and more homeowners are looking for creative and DIY techniques to jazz up their curtains through the use of vibrant hardware and tie-backs. Take a look at some of the top ways you can create rods and other window fashion accessories from everyday items:

  • Beads: Get festive in your home by bedazzling your window fashions. Beaded necklaces make fashionable tie-backs. The key is to look for beading that is thick and long enough to cover your windows. Dig through an old jewelry box to find necklaces that will complement your décor!
  • Belts: What do you do with an old belt that doesn't fit you anymore? HGTV.com recommends fastening it around your curtains for a chic tie-back. Simply wrap the belt around the drapery panel and secure it to the wall.
  • Bracelets: Bangles aren't just for your wrists anymore! "Many women's bracelets and men's cuffs are the right size for cinching single-width drapery panels," reports HGTV.com.  "Put bracelets and cuffs to creative use as tie-backs by placing them around drapery panels and hanging freely, or create a more permanent look by attaching them to the wall with Velcro."
  • Branches: The interior design world often takes inspiration from nature. Branches make creative curtain rods, especially if you're going for a natural, earthy vibe in your Milwaukee home. Look for branches that are long enough to fit above your window. Spray paint the branch with colorful paint or a clear coat to smooth out and ridges.
  • Sports gear: Are you a sports enthusiast? Show off your love for the game with a creative curtain rod made from a golf club. Yes, you read that correctly! A golf club is a perfect way to exude your personality in a basement, man cave or even living room! If you don't want to use old sports gear from your garage, many companies have created rods to look like equipment, ranging from baseball bats to hockey sticks. If you have young sons, they'll get a kick out of this!
  • Ties: Does your husband have some old ties that he isn't using? If you need to tie back drapes, menswear makes an ideal fastener. Not only is this solution practical, but menswear is a popular trend on the runway. Why not bring this style to the home sector?

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