Home accessories to warm up winter

Milwaukee winters can be tough, especially when you throw a Polar Vortex into the mix. Sometimes the excessive snow makes it difficult to travel, forcing you to hibernate in your home. To turn your living quarters into a cozy lodge and warm up this chilly winter, check out some important interior essentials:

  • Insulated curtains: Are you constantly turning the heat up this winter? The extremely cold temperatures are resulting in sky-high electric and heating bills. To ensure that warm air doesn't escape through your windows, equip your home with insulated window coverings. Not only do window fashions add to the aesthetic of your living room, they are also essential during these chilly winter nights.
  • Throw rug: Your feet are one of the first parts of your body to get cold, and are usually the last to warm up. If you have to go out and shovel during a blizzard, you know just how chilly your toes can get. Be sure that you're stepping on a lush throw rug when you retreat back inside. Not only are throw rugs practical, they can also jazz up your living room décor with texture and color.
  • Wool blanket: Nothing beats snuggling on your couch and watching a movie on a snowy winter night. A wool blanket is a perfect addition to your living room, especially if you're always the one cold in your household. Select throw blankets that match your corresponding design scheme.

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