Home projects to add to your spring cleaning checklist

Spring cleaning is more than just dusting the shelves and washing the windows. It's also an opportunity to take advantage of the burst of energy that comes along with longer, warmer days by getting started on projects you've been putting off for a while. 

If you're feeling motivated and are looking for tasks to add to your checklist, consider some of these ideas:

Change up your window dressings – With the warmer weather right around the corner, why not take advantage of all that natural light? By installing sheer curtains, you can enjoy the decorative aspects of a window treatment while still allowing the sun to shine into your house. At Bazaar Home Decorating, a Milwaukee fabric store, we have a plethora of different fabrics for you to choose from, and we'd be more than happy to design custom curtains and drapes for you just in time for the spring and summer. 

Clean up your lawn – During the winter, your yard can take a real beating. If you want to have bright green grass and beautiful flowers growing in the next few months, you'll need to put in some work mowing, trimming, fertilizing and doing other maintenance-related activities. 

Freshen up your carpets – Ideally, you should be vacuuming your rugs at least every other week, but over time dust and dirt can build up in the fibers and require a deeper cleansing. Now is as good a time as any to hire a professional or rent a carpet cleaner from your local home improvement store to tackle that hidden debris.

Put on a new coat of paint – A great way to refresh the inside of your house is by applying a bold new color to your walls. Pick a room that's in desperate need of changes and start there. It's a cost-effective project that can really transform your space.