Gold isn’t just for jewelry anymore

The clocks have been moved forward, the weather is getting warmer and long, sunny days are just around the corner. According to a recent article in the Washington Post by Vern Yip, an interior designer who has been featured on TLC's Trading Spaces, homeowners are already starting to incorporate spring trends into their living spaces. Bright yellow and emerald are in right now, for example, As the United States continues to emerge from the most recent recession, moods have shifted to embrace more easy-going and comfortable colors. And, for those looking for a bold, shiny style of decor, gold has also become very popular.

"Gold has returned as the metallic finish of choice," writes Yip. "This time around, it's burnished and soft rather than ostentatious and loud, making it much easier to layer with other metal finishes already in your home." 

If you're thinking of decorating with this luxurious color, you may want to consider some of these fun ideas: 

Curtains – Transform a plain dining room into a decadent, sophisticated space by hanging some long, flowing gold window dressings. 

Throw pillows – You can liven up a neutral-colored sofa with comfortable, elegant metallic accoutrements. 

Wall stencils – Not only is this a fun, trendy way for DIY-lovers to leave their mark on the walls, but it's a great method for bringing a subtle amount of gold into your house.

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