Decorating your home with purple, the color of royalty

Purple is a rich, luscious color that comes in a variety of different shades. According to interior design publication Real Simple, the dye for this pigment used to be extracted from mollusks, making it considerably expensive, so it's no coincidence that it's associated with royalty. 

Interiorholic, a home decor website, suggests matching purple with blue, red, pink and green hues. It also goes nicely with neutral shades such as black, grey, white, cream and beige. In order to ensure that it is not overwhelming, it's a good idea to pair it with some of these other colors. 

If you're hoping to incorporate purple into your space, consider some of these ideas: 

Bedding – A soft shade of lavender is great for throw pillows, giving your bedroom a regal feel fit for a king. 

Curtains – Long, flowing drapes in this rich color are great for a formal dining room that's both whimsical and sophisticated. 

Furniture – Bold purple chairs or a vintage loveseat may be the perfect addition to your living room. Here, this pigment is even paired with another flashy accent color: red. 

Walls – This deep eggplant hue brings a modern vibe to a kitchen without drowning out the rest of the neutral shades present in the room. 

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