Home design trend: Concrete isn’t just for outdoor decor anymore

While concrete has long been used as a building material and for outdoor fixtures such as garden decor, recently this cement-and-water mixture has been making its way inside the house, becoming one of the latest trends in home design. Its versatility and utilitarian appeal can give homeowners the modern, industrial look that is often associated with stylish urban lofts. 

"People are becoming more attracted to concrete, and I think it has a lot to do with the possibilities it offers," said John Strieder, editor in chief of Concrete Decor Magazine, in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

If you like the idea of bringing this stone-like material into your Milwaukee area home, you may want to consider some of the following ideas: 

Countertops – Brandon Butler, who is trained in decorative concrete fabrication, told The Washington Examiner that this unique product is incredibly malleable and can be made to look like stone or steel. While many people have the misperception that their countertop will turn out looking like a sidewalk, the truth is that concrete can take on the appearance of desirable materials such as polished marble or matte granite.

Fireplaces – Limestone and marble are expensive, so concrete is often used as a more cost-effective alternative. Rather than spending tens of thousands of dollars on limestone, says concrete business owner Scott Sterling, you could end up paying only $2,500. 

Novelty items – For homeowners who like to think outside the box, concrete can be used to make climbing walls, ping pong tables and other fun additions to your house. 

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