How can I make my home feel more comfortable?

While some homeowners are more concerned with creating a space that's stylish and sophisticated, there are others who value comfort over anything else. Fortunately, there are design tips you can follow that will make your house both beautiful and relaxing. 

Here are some ideas to keep in mind: 

Choose earthy tones – While some people love bold, vibrant colors, natural shades are the way to go when you want to instill a sense of calmness.

Install soft lighting – Creating a soothing ambiance is a great way to foster a relaxing atmosphere. Instead of relying on bright overhead bulbs, invest in some table and floor lamps. 

Invest in comfortable seating – Whether it's in the dining area or the living room, the chairs you use to decorate your home are an important part of ensuring that you and your guests are content while eating dinner or lounging around.

Keep everything organized – If your house is too cluttered, it can begin to have an effect on your overall mood, causing you to feel anxious and uncomfortable. Custom home organization solutions are a good option to consider when you need some extra storage space in order to clean out a room. Additionally, make sure your house isn't overcrowded with too many conflicting colors, styles or knickknacks. 

Use lots of blankets and pillows – Not only will a plethora of throw pillows provide a nice aesthetic addition to the beautiful decor you already have in place in your bedroom or living room, these accents also significantly boost the comfort level. At Bazaar Home Decorating, a Milwaukee fabric store, we carry a variety of different prints you can choose from for custom bedding and pillows.