3 home design don’ts to keep in mind

Before you start revamping your Milwaukee area home, experts will tell you that it's important to have a strategy outlined.

"If you don't have a plan, your style can go off in another direction or you'll buy things that don't fit the room," Taniya Nayak, an interior designer on HGTV's "Billion Dollar Block," told USA Today. "You go all mish-mash and spend a lot more money than you need to."

With this in mind, there are common mistakes you should try to avoid to ensure that you don't end up with a finished product you're unhappy with. When decorating your house, remember the following tips: 

Don't be afraid to mix colors, patterns and textures – When homeowners focus too hard on making everything match perfectly, they often end up bored with the end result. You want your space to have some character, so mix your decor up a bit.

Don't be too impulsive with your paint selection – Contrary to what many people believe, professionals say that choosing a color for your walls should come last since it's much easier to find paint that matches rugs and upholstery than the other way around.

Don't put too many knickknacks out on display – It's tempting to scatter these sentimental items throughout your house, but in most cases they just create clutter. You may want to consider designating a certain area for them and rotating them out seasonally.

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