Design experts say home decor inspiration can be found by examining your wardrobe

While you may be itching to redecorate parts of your Milwaukee area home, sometimes inspiration is hard to come by. On the other hand, it can also be overwhelming trying to determine where to get started. According to a recent article from the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, a Massachusetts news publication, settling on a vision for your living room, bedroom or any other area of your house may require nothing more than a gaze inside your closet. 

The source suggests that the garments that make up your wardrobe serve as a broad reflection of your overall style and taste. You can learn a lot from your accessories, too. If, for example, your jewelry box is filled with more subtle pieces, chances are the type of home design your prefer isn't particularly glitzy or showy, either. 

Some experts, like designer Nanette Lepore, have even re-purposed pieces of clothing by turning them into rugs and other adornments. 

"Whenever I work with clients that are uncertain about where or how to start in terms of home decor, I ask them to go into their closet and to describe to me what they find. What color, style and textures they find. We build from there. I can use this feedback as a foundation," Kelly Wearstler, a decorator and designer, told the source.

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