Doing it right: Tips for putting away your groceries

A visit to the grocery store can end with frustration if you haven't adequately planned for how you're going to put everything away. Pantries can quickly get messy, which is why homeowners need to do all they can to keep things organized so that the pantry doesn't become inaccessible.

In today's article, we'll look at some common-sense practices for putting the groceries away smartly. That way, you don't end up with a cluttered closet, unkempt refrigerator and an outsized headache the next time you cook.

Some of the tips we have to offer include:

Creating space in the fridge ahead of time – Being prepare for a big task is helpful, which is why you'll want to go into the fridge and take out old items to make room for the new. This will allow you to put away any milk, cheese or other perishable items that you don't want sitting on the counter for too long.

Place prepackaged foods into smaller containers – This is a great space-saving technique for savvy homeowners. Use simple Tupperware containers or plastic baggies to keep your granola bars fresh but not taking up too much room on the shelf.

Segmenting your pantry – Having pre-set areas for each type of item will help you stay more organized in general. For example, it doesn't make sense to have your canned tomatoes on the same shelf as the cereal. Keeping things in their proper place will help you find them more easily as well.

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