Emmys “green room” goes purple

We’ve heard of the phrase “going green” before, but CFDA Award-winning designer Joseph Alturzarra actually went purple when designing Nokia Theater’s “green room.” Alturzarra, who recently debuted his 2014 clothing collection during New York Fashion Week, was called upon to decorate the Emmys green room a little over a month ago.

The designer transformed the room into a luxe lavender oasis. He first started with the backdrop, painting the walls a light shade of gray-purple. The custom suede couches came next, adding a pop of vibrancy to room. Of course, no couch would be complete without a multitude of comfortable throw pillows. The finishing touches of the sleek interior include fresh orchids, an antique gold-bar cart with swanky drinking glasses, and a gold-framed mirror.

Alturzarra describes the rooms as a “refined, yet relaxed environment.”

“Elements combine to create an opulent atmosphere without compromising efficient design,” he tells ApartmentTherapy.com. “Dove gray walls with French molding are accentuated by botanical elements like soft mosses and succulents. Plush wall-to-wall carpet is easy on the eye and stiletto-clad guests alike.”

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