Improving your living space with tips from Drew Barrymore

Moving into a new place or sharing your own space with someone new isn't always easy, but interior design tips can make the process go more smoothly. Award-winning actress and producer Drew Barrymore took time out of her schedule to share some home design tips with The busy star has gone through a lot of changes in the past few years. After marrying art consultant Will Kopelman and having a baby last year, the former child star has matured and learned to decorate her space to correspond with her new life. 

"When you co-habitate with another person, when your awesomely cool guest room becomes a nursery and your life changes so much, you're forced to streamline," Barrymore told the website.

Like Barrymore, many new parents choose to change an extra room in their home into a nursery. It may be difficult to give up the space that once housed your entertainment system, workout DVDs, or even just junk. What are you going to do with all those extra items now? While purging or donating unwanted belongings is great for all the clutter you don't need, organizing the items you do need can help you live in tighter quarters.

It's extremely difficult to stay organized without an adequate closet for both you and your spouse's clothes. You don't have to have the income of a celebrity to achieve your desired closet space. At Bazaar Home Decorating center, we can help you with all of your Milwaukee home organization needs, from custom closets to shelving units tailored to you.