Color of the Year 2023: Viva Magenta 

Have you heard? Pantone announced the Color of the Year 2023. We can guarantee that it is a color you won’t want to miss. This color is bold, vibrant and empowering. Its shade is a signal of strength, descending from the red family. As it is already appearing in wardrobes and interior design, we introduce Viva Magenta… 

Meet Viva Magenta 

When selecting a new color for the year, it’s important that it reflects what is taking place in our culture and society today. Viva Magenta does just that. It promotes joy and optimism while symbolizing our existence in both the physical and digital world. As it is beginning to make a statement, take a look at how you can incorporate the Color of the Year 2023 into your home. 

Colorful Kitchens 

It’s evident that so much time is spent in the kitchen. Why not catch the eye of those who visit with bold accents? One way to do this is with your window coverings. If you have a neutral kitchen, you can still make a statement by opting for bold colors, such as Viva Magenta, over your windows. This provides a nice contrast against the neutral tones in your home. 

Red Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades in a kitchen where a father and daughter are cooking.
Sonnette™ Cellular Roller Shades

If you want to incorporate Viva Magenta in your kitchen but are wanting neutral window coverings, you can add the bold color by selecting small kitchen appliances in this shade. This allows you to easily adjust how many colors you want to display. With window coverings or kitchen appliances, you can’t go wrong by adding Viva Magenta.

Kitchen with teal backsplash, white cabinets and red appliances.
Photo Credit: Houzz

Bold Bathrooms 

Wallpaper is a great way to add some personality to a plain space or brighten up an area. Keep in mind that bold wallpaper inherently pulls in the focus of a viewer, you might not want to utilize it in large areas of the home such as the living room. If you are considering adding it to your home, why not start with the bathroom? If you have a half bath that you feel needs a facelift, wallpaper is a great place to begin. You can add in bold colors like Viva Magenta to make it stand out. 

White bathroom with a colorful wallpaper.
Photo Credit: Houzz

Fun-Colored Furniture 

Viva Magenta can make an appearance in your home in unique ways. If you are wanting to be creative with your placement, consider furniture. Adding in color sporadically can make a space feel unique and like it has its own personality. As you look into bold colors for your furniture, think about placing the pieces in common areas, like a living room, or use it in less-visited areas, like the bedroom. If you choose the latter, headboards are a great choice as they will definitely make a statement.

Black, white and red badroom. Two twin beds with red fabric headboards and a sidetable between the two beds.
Photo Credit: Houzz

We’re Ready to Help 

At Bazaar Home Decorating, we are excited to help you with your window coverings. Whether you choose a bold color like the Color of the Year 2023 or wish to have more neutral tones, we can assist you in making your home match your personality. Contact our team today to set up an in-home or showroom consultation.