Choosing the appropriate length curtains

Just like your clothes, if you select the wrong size or length curtain or drapes this can break your overall ensemble. No one wants to wear pants that are visibly too short for them, so why hang curtains that are not long enough? If you want to find the appropriate length curtains and custom window drapes for every room in your home, check out the helpful tips below and as always, stop by our Milwaukee showroom for some expert advice!

  • Breaking: A chic fold at the end your curtain, also known as a break, can stylishly fix curtains that are too long.
  • Brushing:  "For a no-fuss fit in a gracious room, hang drapes to just brush the floor. This length is often used in modern homes where crisp simplicity is preferred, but it also complements traditional décor," reports interior design website Although this style of drapery is chic and classy, it is not as easy to pull off as some of the other lengths due to uneven floors or ceilings. If opting for brushing, be sure to customize your drapes by shopping at Bazaar Home Decorating Center.
  • Hovering: Hovering is great for rooms that get a lot of use, such as your family room. When using this length, simply leave a finger width of space between the floor and the bottom of the drapes. Essentially, hovering curtains do for your room what cropped pants do for your outfit: stylishly minimize any dirt from the hem. Interior designers recommend using this feature if you have pets, because if your curtains do not touch the ground, they can't get dusty or attract pet hair.